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rosetta stone

The software after 14 years of growth, proved to be the fastest way to learn a foreign language! The world more than 150 countries and regions, millions of people in more than 10,000 foreign universities which students of all ages, a U.S. state department, the world 500 strong senior executives, U.S. defense and NASA (NASA) are using! Rosetta stone

rosetta stone

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I can help if you want I just started but I have the hang of it. I've made Luigi, Yoshi, and the ducks from duck hutning in N64. But I can probably do a lot more!


I think keeping the weistbe registered would have been a good idea. Even if the updates you provided said nothing more than, no new updates for now, you would have still kept peoples' interest. You never know someone could have come along wanting to buy it for thousands of dollars just because of the user base. I've seen that happen to car forums plenty of times. Look up the ownership change of homemadeturbo.com and you'll see a lot of people that were unhappy with the guy that sold it.Of course, he sold it to someone that locked everyone's accounts, kept the info as his intellectual property, and put banners up on the site go figure.


Easy play Super Easy play Super Mario World for 3 hours, My hands cramp up after 15 minuets of play. It takes much lenogr for my hands to cramp up on a Ps1 controller. (Personal Pref) Also the button layout is almost identical in size and placement, the argument is more of the shape of the controller because when your hand is warped around something spherical the whole surface of it is usable its about the same as adding 2 inches to outside of the Ps1 controller if it was flat. My Conclusion justification.


Yeah on the n64 Yeah on the n64 controller the joytcisk is in a dumb place you have to move a hand off a button pad to use it, And it wasn't even a really good joytcisk it was just too loose. Which makes you want to mash it into a direction. (Doesn't help just hurts your thumb)

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