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Pretty hard to master but fun.

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Still love that game.


LOL! This rdnmies me of when I first played Baldur's Gate and had to do the Cloakwood Mines. The first thing I thought was Oh, HELL no! I am NOT doing another mine!


AW MY GAWD!Minha pageonsrem favorita ja foi confirmada, ai morri o3oNem fico triste sobre a Luma, ela sempre me deixava furiosa, nao sei por que xD

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10 only played it at aracde 9 is definatly one of my best mario games 8 its awesome , but i think there are a lot better wii games 7 never owned the game and am not planing on getting it. 6 best online ever! 5 read 8 4 still havent got that game and like 7 , i am not planing 3 my number 1 2 read 7 and 4 1 wind waker on gamecube and this are the best zelda games Log in to ReplyWas this answer helpful?LikeDislike


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O_o ARE @gsimons3 O_o ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!! Of course not! Nintendo has never reaelsed any of their games on a non-Nintendo system (under the exception of Mario is Missing for the PC, but I don't count that as a game.) So why on earth would they release it for 360 or PS3?


just because the gfarics look a bit colerful dosent mean its a bad game if u hate this game then ignore it i mean c'mon games are ment for gameplay not how it looks if u only juge a game by the way it looks throw away u consels and watch tv instead u worthless excuse of a gamer btw this game is rated e 10+ ign gave it an 9.5 u retard


Basically, the dilemma is that, *if we could prove* that a being eteixsd outside of the universe somehow, that would solve the problem.but to exist outside of the universe is to defy everything we know about existence, and so it seems that nothing CAN exist outside. I mean, everything you think of when you think of something that exists applies only to things in the physical universe traits, properties, states, ideas, whether physical or imaginary, exist in *some way* (metaphorically or literally) within the physical universe. So we have literally absolutely zero information about any kind of thing that could possibly exist in any sense outside of the universe.


s this game sucks get out your no true gamer! Even True Hardcore Gamers who enjoy shooters play Mario Bros. wiuotht this series gaming would be no more don't believe me look it up!


Boyde?!! Oh, hes gonna like that! Did ya notice he didnt hang in there long! If youre linookg for somewhere to fly tomorrow, weve got a flight of 2 Rans S7s heading to Lake Barkley Lodge for an overnight. Not all that far from Sparta. Were going to be floating in the pool with margaritas in hand in the 97 degree heatwave. Doesnt get much better come on over!!


Nationalization of health care, hwveoer badly individuals may think they need this, is not a solution. I have talked with too many people from Great Britain and other foreign countries who have nationalized health care and they all say that we are so lucky to have privatized health care here in the U.S. With privatization of the industry people are able to select and choose providers based on the type of care that is given and that privatization creates a healthy atmosphere for competition.


nintendo DS roms? I cant find the sort of rom site i'm looking for.?I want a site where i can doawlond roms- no forced voting, no RAR ROM FILES!!!!, a wide range of roms and i can directly doawlond the file. Until now, i used romsite.net and rombomb.com. Rombomb is gone and now you have to pay on romsite- i want to find a website which is free.


In the folder you exttacred, just continue and extract the first winrar file, and it should do the rest automaticly. Don't worry about the System Information File and .sfv file.To play it you need to download a Emulator (No$GBA is best for DS games) Or buy a flash card for a ds and play it on there.Just Google them


I downloaded the nntdeino ds rom and extracted the file with winrar? now what?The folder that came out of the extraction of the file does not include a .nds file? it has : 7 winrar archive files, 1 system information file, and one .sfv file? Now what do i do??? to play the game and get the .nds file?


Can you put nds roms on a micro sd card and put it in the Nintendo DSi? Will it Work?I was thinking of gtiteng a Nintendo DSi and I wondered because you can't use the R4 on it (which i've got), can you just put nds roms on a micro sd card, put the sd card into the dsi and play them fine. Will give best answer to whoever answers good!

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In addition to the British athletes, Chinese swimmer Sun Yang is also the

enthusiast of the monster beats headphones. So is the U.S.A swimmer Michael

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