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Hello mixmaster536. I have a? quotsien or two, please help me. I just recently bought a DS lite and im planning to buy a DS game, probably pokemon. Do all of the games automatically prompt you about the wifi? And also, theres the wifi thing, I believe DS download Play. Do I need to click on that option when I buy my first DS game and enter a wifi zone? Any and all help would be nice, as im new to the world of the DS.


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Cindy, I know I was a late comer, but it was a way for me to give you recognition on my blog...since you were kind eougnh to all our fellow bloggers to host this party!! Your blog is beautiful...your home is gorgeous....and it is obvious with all your followers...that you are very much loved in the blog community! Happy New Year! ~Cheryl


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Well I am 1/4 way of viewing all the dirnefeft mosaics entries. I am so enjoying it! I plan to stop at ever one of them! Thanks for hosting such a fun event. Maybe I will add my 2 cents next time you do it again! Happy New Year!


Cindy, Thanks for hosting such a great party. Nice to reecflt on the past year. Great to see what everyone has done and plan to do in the coming year. I've added my link. yeaaaah' Now I'm off to visit more reviews.Kris


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I have mixed feelings about this cart. My seven year old son loves it and he has a great time rinidg it. My issue is that the chain has been slipping off the motor since the first drive. I have to repair the chain almost every time he rides it. My next issue is the tires, they are terrible! The tires began to shred off after just a week of driving. So far I haven't found a store that sells replacement tires, it looks like I'll have to buy them online and pay shipping costs. This cart was far too expensive to have such major problems. **Updated** The tires were completely ruined after five weeks of driving. The customer support at [...] is no help. The only place you can buy these tires is on their website and you will pay $27.99 for the back tires, $16.99 for the front tires plus $13.00 for shipping. And remember you will have to replace the tires every two months. This toy is great fun, but why bother if you have to spend $60 every two months to replace the tires?! Don't waste your time and money on this kart.


Actually, he forgot to metoinn that this game technically comes with SMB for Super Players aka Super Mario bros the lost levels aka the Japanese version of super mario bros 2. He didn't unlock it yet it seems but you got to get a high score (300,000 points maybe?) in the original SMB to unlock it. Good game to own.



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