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Guitar Hero Underground Cheats

Checked out both of your links...Good stuff.

I see where Jane's coming from, but I don't think most people would have problem with how certain musicians are portrayed. I'm sure the characters were made with the respective musician's approval anyway.

It would be cool to upload our own songs/notes and create our own characters in the future...that would really make this type of game super interactive!

sirjorge wwe

man, guitar hero is definitely not my favorites right now; you bring up some good points though.


yeah, i see what both reviews are pointing to but i still have to say that guitar hero is, at the foundational level, an extraordinary game. it has, no doubt, opened up the realm of interactive video games and completely raised the standard for what people look for in video games today. yes, there are certain elements that could be improved, but i'm not sure i'd bring it down to the level of DDR.

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guitar hero is so fun to play with, it really help me kill sometime and make me happy


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shane oneill

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Allan Mitz

stress reliever, that's one of the major purpose why i'm so into wii's guitar hero. playing guitar has been one of my hobbies since childhood. i'd still remember how i've learned to play the happy birthday song back then. anyways, there are really some points to consider and to mention to the perfection of the guitar hero. and i would definitely agree on that, but the thing is, whether we like it or not, the guitar hero changed the gaming landscape in the world. it's a total entertainment without losing the importance of time. you'll get to learn playing guitar just like owning a real acoustic and be able to entertain yourself. i hve downloaded populars from this Wii downloads Sites. I hope this would be of help. Thanks.

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Im happy for you guys. You have mastered it well.


Everyone sells the Wii console for 249.99. It comes with one wimotie.Guitar Hero III bundle for Wii retails for $ 89.99. You can sometimes find it for a little less on sale, but with demand exceeding the supply at this point, you may have to pay full price.The guitar controller comes with the bundle. The wimotie plugs into the guitar controller. You won't need any other hardware.However, I would recommend getting another wimotie and a couple of nunchucks for play with other games and so that two people can play together.In order for two people to play GH3 together, you probably will want another guitar controller, which hasn't been marketed individually yet. The release date is set for late January. It is possible to play the game with just the wimotie, but it is awkward and difficult.


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Can you ask this in the VIDEO GAME section? Your qioutsen has NOTHING to do with music, dude! NOTHING! LOL! Rock Band games are software' designed for certain hardware'. You want to know if your software can be used with the hardware of another console. WTF does that have to do with Rock Pop or music at all? NOTHING! LOL! By example, you could be asking if your Atari Pac-man game can be played using the controller of a Playstation 2 (see has NOTHING to do with music) oh and I'm bored lol peace out!


I don't care for the 3DS version bsuecae the graphics suck as bad if not worse than the level list. I think the console version sucks level list wise too. Classic Sonic's stage in Radical Highway should have been the third part of the stage where it was daylight and had that perfect techno music. Starlight Zone should have been the cOnsole stage that led to Metal Sonic in my opinion. Over all in the end both versions will suck and be boring as he'll in a few weeks time. Both versions should have had at LEAST the same amount of levels Sonic 3 had when locked onto Sonic & Knuckles. With that many stages the game would take quite some time to beat and get 100% but only 8 or 9 worlds? Some big 20th celebration. In a few weeks everybody here and on every Sonic site are going to be complaining saying Man that was short Booorrriiinnng Moving onto Zelda Skyward and Mario Olympics now.


Lisa, that was a great song! I loved it .hmm, To answer your quoitsens why do I play? cause its fun and challenging at the same time .whats the magic for me? all the surprises that happen while playing, sometimes things just connect and flow really well and that always turns into great fun whats my motivation? My desire? My need to play all about? to give and get more of the above ..keep up the good works!Tom


Music is a powerful means of self exrsespion and learning to make music is something I have wanted to be able to do for a long time. The guitar is an an amazingly versatile instrument and a means of expressing ones-self in so many different ways on many different levels. After a frustrating initial effort this time I'm going to succeed and learn to play for my own enjoyment and sense of accomplishment.


Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor are good for metal. Check out Marty Friedman's work with Megadeth for some fine examples. For Rock, dediepnng on the style (hard rock, southern rock, blues rock, etc), you can use Natural Minor, Dorian, Pentatonic, Major or Mixolydian. You improvise solos well by practicing within the particular style of song you want. For metal, you're generally going to be soloing in natural minor, so practice that scale, and do it all over the neck of the guitar. If you have a sequencer, you can set it to just pedal on a certain chord, and practice your scales over that chord. Also practice bending notes. If you can already play the blues, you should be able to play metal. Pentatonic scales also work for that.For Rock, do the same thing, but with major, pentatonic and minor scales. If you want to play something that sounds a little jazzy, or like the Allman Brothers Band, throw a Dorian scale in the mix. If you want to play something like an Eagles song in a major key, try some mixolydian (also good for country). Just make sure to keep practicing everything, and you'll get it fairly quickly.


theres one guitar solo from a Blue Oyster Cult song i dont remmeber the name of ?Where in like just the first few bars of the solo, the guitarist trips on a string at a weird time..i dont know if it was intentional or an accident but someone out there has got to see through the vagueness and see that there is only one song i could be thinkin about.. its gonna drive me crazy i know it.

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