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Serket,I am not sure what you don't understand--Ellis's premsie? That one should try not to make oneself miserable by confirming that the world is indeed an unfair and rotten place? As for being a virgin, what's wrong with that? Nothing in my book. It is up to each person to decide when and with whom the time is right and what type of sex they want. Ellis seems to be fairly open and free about sexuality which is fine for some, but not for everyone. But I think Ellis is just saying to have an open mind.


Going through life reoniircfng a vindictive bitterness just isn't cool. Mourn, shout, cry on a friends shoulder, get angry... Do what you have to do and then move on if you're able. Helen's conclusion makes sense to me: "...he would say that you do not want to harm yourself or make yourself mentally ill by ruminating over and over about it." The Ellis quotes made sense to me.I've also found Viktor Frankl to have interesting ideas about surviving horrors in Man's Search for Meaning. It's worth a look...


What should I get for my DS Lite?Okay, I am going to be giettng a Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas, I wanted to know a few things from you guys.1. What color should I get.Onyx / Crimson2. What accessories should I get for it. I want some good protection for it. I have the armor lite case in mind. I want to know your Ideas.3. What Games should i get for it?I am giettng the R4 DS for it. I have a list of roms i want.Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryMeg Man Star ForcePokemon DiamondJuiced 2Brain Age 2Zelda Phantom HourglassMario KartCall Of Duty 4: Modern WarfareMario Hoops 3 on 3New Super Mario Bros.Smackdown vs Raw 2008Dinner DashMario and Luigi: Partners and CrimeOperation VietnamPlatinum SodukuMuseum DSBen 10: protector of EarthAre you smarter than a 5th graderDeal or no dealYugioh WC 2008Sonic Rush DSFinal Fantasy XII Revenat WingsThrillvilleRayman Raving R.Need 4 Speed prostreet.Ultima. Mortal KombatSim City DSBrohers and Arms DSPlease Help me people!!


Not sure if this is the spot to ask this, but, I'm looking for a rbaetpule plumbing company and I am not sure who is good and who is not has anyone ever heard of this plumbing company? They're located in Morrisville, 20 min from my pad I can't find reviews on them JD Plumbing Morrisville, 11010 Lake Grove Blvd Ste 100-234, Morrisville NC 27560, (919) 926-7595


in jest, I found myself woiedrnng how today many Christians, non-Catholics and Catholics alike are failing to trust His grace. I know Tim Keller believes that though Christians believe we are saved from the penalty of sin by grace, they dont understand we are saved from the power of sin by grace.


they should be.As this retelas to Ellis, I think he would say that the victim doesn't have to conform to either of the stereotypes - that he or she can consciously choose what to think and believe about the tragic past even. What they choose to think, in turn, strongly affects how they feel now.I don't mean to deny the genuine suffering that people go through when horrible things happen to them. I just know that life is much less dramatic than we are frequently led to believe.


Does anyone know how to setup Playstation 3 onlnie connection with Netgear?I have a computer running and laptop running with Netgear Modem.Laptop is working with wireless. I've tried everything my onlnie connection on my PS3 keeps screwing up. The PS3 is working the wireless connection. If anyone could help me configure and make it stop disconnecting, that will be awesome. Thanks


After reading a few boring articles on gaming,this is the best one for me today apart from this iam have huge expectations from dead space 3,call of duty black ops II,assassin's creed 3,halo 4 and of course darksiders looking forward to them..Hopefully atleast one of them would live up to our expectations


and makes some games like Guitar Hero World Tour virtually uyaapnlble In 2004, Nintendo released the original Nintendo DS. Just two years later, the Nintendo DS Lite debuted and was better than the original by far. Since its original release, the Nintendo DS has gone on to sell more than 100 million units worldwide. With sales numbers like that, why would Nintendo need to release another revamp of their prized handheld? More than that, are the new features worth picking up if you have a DS Lite or if you still have an original DS? Well, it can be, but if you're perfectly content with your original DS or your DS Lite there's nothing incorrect with that, and you don't have to buy it. That's not to say it would be a terrible investment. For some it might be worth it. Certainly if you still have the original DS, it is worth investing in this newer update. There are quite a few new things about the Nintendo DSi that can make it worth buying. One of the first changes that is obvious from the moment you see it is that it's slightly smaller and designed a small differently. The power button has been went and now doubles as a reset button. The screen is also slightly larger and brighter than the DS Lite. When turning it on, there is also a notable difference in the interface which has been completely reworked all together. It's been made a bit simpler to use. Perhaps the largest and most notable difference is that the DSi no longer has a slot to play Gameboy Advance games. If you're still playing your GBA games a lot, this is probably a pretty huge subtraction when it comes to the DSi, no matter how much it includes. If you're someone who hasn't used your DS for playing GBA games in a while, it's probably not a huge deal, but I would've gladly taken a slightly thicker handheld just to maintain the GBA slot. There is, but, a slot for an SD card to store more data. The first of these is the wi-fi service which you can get on and download some downloadable games for the DSi. Much like the Wii, you'll spend points (100 points is equal to one dollar) to buy games. There's also the built in web browser, but this is not something to jump up and down over really, as it isn't a very excellent web browser. The camera is a nice addition, allowing you to customize and mess around with the pictures you take. They don't look excellent on anything but the DSi screen, but, but you can store them on an SD card or the DSi's internal memory. You can take quite a bit of photos, and mess around with them in fascinating ways, such as drawing on them or manipulating faces. It can be fun to mess around with. While the new additions are nice the more expensive price is a bit much for those who are already carrying a DS Lite. There are some new features but there isn't too much done here to enhance the gaming experience itself outside of a larger screen. But, that doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile. The download service in particular can be very worthwhile in the future. The games on the download service also aren't too expensive. In small, even DS Lite owners might find it worth the extra money after a while. Another huge hit to the DSi is that the battery life just isn't as long as the previous incarnations. For those wanting to use it primarily for gaming, it might surprise you that the DSi will need to be charged a lot more frequently, as the battery last five hours shorter than that of the DS Lite. It takes a bit shorter to charge as a result, but you'll find yourself charging it quite a bit, especially if you play with the screen on the brightest settings. In the end some may wonder if the upgrade is worth it. It's a bit more expensive than the DS Lite and doesn't have a GBA slot and a shorter battery life. But, you are getting some nice extra features, and with Nintendo plotting to implement them in some of their games in the future, it's at least worth consideration. DS Lite owners may not need to upgrade immediately, but in the future it might be worth considering. If you don't own a DS at all, the DSi is probably the best bet. The Nintendo DSi is a nice step in the evolution of Nintendo's handheld. It has a lot of new features that can go a long way. Even DS Lite owners might want to consider


I'm so glad to find this set of styli. My kids keep losing triehs and these were perfect. They are inexpensive, they snap into their DS Lites and hold there just like the original styli. I've tried them, and they feel comfortable in the hand. Now, I don't have to worry about my kids scratching their screens tapping with other pointy objects. So far, so good!


How Much Do You Think The Nintendo 3DS Will Cost and When It Is Going To Come Out?It will be released in Japan on February 26, 2011 and will cost 25,000 Yen ($299). It will laucnh in Two Colors, Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. I think the Nintendo 3DS will come out in March 6, 2011 and will cost about $250 to $300.Nintendo said the Nintendo 3DS will laucnh in United States and Europe on Spring 2011 , and also said it will laucnh March 2011 .Nintendo's merchandise usually comes out on Sundays, like the Nintendo DSi, came out in April 5, 2009 (which was on a Sunday). And the Nintendo DSi XL, came out March 28, 2010, (was on a Sunday too). And the Original DS and DS Lite came out on Sundays too.So that means that the Nintendo 3DS will come out in March of 2011 and will come out on a Sunday. The only days there are March 6, March 13, March 20, and March 27. And Japan's stuff usually costs a little more than United States. Since it costs $300 in Japan, it should cost less in America, which would probobly cost about $250.In January 19, 2011 in New York and/or Amsterdam, Nintendo is going to have an event to talk about the price and release date. And other things about the Nintendo 3DS.While we are waiting for the 3DS, when do you think the 3DS will come out and how much do you think it is going to cost?


Should I buy a Nintendo DSi or wait for the 3DS?I was talking to one of my good frenids earlier today about the games and such we use to play. We agreed that the next time I go over his house, it's going to be old games day . We're going to play everything we did years ago. Games like Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, etc. I saw there's new Pokemon games coming out next year, and they don't look too bad, plus I miss playing all my old DS games before I sold it. My question is, should I buy a DSi now, or is it really worth waiting almost a year for the 3DS? My friend said wait until at least E3 which is in a few weeks. He said after that event happens, make your decision. I can't find much info on the 3DS to begin with. And as far as I know, the new Pokemon games are for the DS, but is there anything special about the 3DS for those games?Thank you to whoever fills me in!


Well your not going to get much I can tell you that without hetaisting. A couple years ago when I went to trade in some game boy advance games they seriously offered me $3.00 and I was going to trade in like 5 of them. The game boy itself would only be about $10.00 because they are selling used ones for about $45.00. Unless your realy desperate for like $20.00 towards your new DS stuff I I would keep the gameboy and the games and just buy the DS. Overall you would probably get about $20.


Which Three Should I Buy? Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPad, Nintendo DSi XL, and Xbox 360 Elite?I am a current PS3 Slim 120GB and a Nintendo Wii owner. Those are the only ssteyms that i have which means that i have no portable gaming device, it is just the PS3 Slim and the Nintendo Wii. I want to buy three of these gaming devices and knock one out. I really want the iPhone 3GS because it is the king of the devices out in the world so i really want one for the amazing applications games, iPod, etc. I might hold off for the 3GS for another two months so i can buy the new one coming out, So, i basically want an iPhone, i do not care which iPhone i get but it has to be between the 3GS and the new 4G. I really want the iPad because i currently do not have any sort of laptop, and the iPad is a cheap touch screen laptop with amazing games. But, would a laptop be better than an iPad if i will buy the iPhone? Because if i have the iPhone and iPad, they are both the same thing, so i will play with the iPhone more because it is portable, but at the same time the iPad is a new thing that came out and i never bought something new in my entire life because i got the PS3 Slim in 2010, and the Nintendo Wii near October. So, the iPad would be a cool laptop with tons of games also considering that it is as fast as a laptop. If i will buy the iPad, i will be buying the 16GB Wi-Fi Version which runs at $499.99. The Nintendo DSi XL is very fun with great games and a 93% Larger Screen than the Nintendo DS Lite and 86% bigger than the Nintendo DSi. But, one thing that i hate about the Nintendo DSi XL and DSi and all of the DS Series is that you play the Nintendo DS for the first month and then it sits in your closet for the next five years and that is what happend to my friend, he got a DSi the day it came out, played with it for the first month, and then left it in the closet, but some of my other friends love there DS. Also, Nintendo is making the 3DS which i got very dissapointed when they announced that it was going to replace the Nintendo DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL. But the DS still has good games so i do not know what i should do, oohhh also i returned a DSi before, i got one didnt play with it so returned it but at the same time the DS has great games, AND PLEASE KNOWBODY TELL ME TO BUY THE DS LITE!!!! The Xbox 360 Elite is fun also considering all of the exclusive games that i like (Halo, Forza, Fable) etc, but it came out in 2005 and i already have the PS3 Slim so i might not have enough time to enjoy all of my consoles. Also, if i do buy the Xbox 360 i will buy the Spring 2010 Bundle which includes Forza Motorsport 3 and Halo 3: ODST. I know that the Live is better but i am afriad that they will release a new Xbox in the next 2 years. The reason why i am bringing this up is because in 2004, i got a PS2 Slim, and i never knew that the PS3 was going to come out two years later, so i got the PS2, two years later PS3 came out, asked my parents if i could buy one and said no which is the reason why i didn't buy the PS3 until 2010. But, at the same time the Consoles are so advanced that they might be trying to add on to it to complete the life cycle. I know some of you are going to say that microsoft said that the Xbox 360 has a 10 year lifecycle, but if a new Xbox comes out they could be selling the 360 with the new console kind of like what sony did, in 2002 they said PS2 is going to have a 10 year lifecylce so everybody got one and the PS3 Came out, so who knows new consoles could come out anytime. Pricing is not a problem. But, you know how microsoft and sony decrease the price of there consoles every year, well like i said pricing is not an issue, if Sony and Microsoft wanted to keep the 360 and PS3 then would they stop decreasing the price and keeping it at $299.99 or will they keep decreasing then until they are $200 dollars and then announce a new system, i am not worried about the prices i am worried about the consoles and how long they are staying. Please you have to explain a lot in your answer and tell me why i should buy what ever you thing i should buy, who ever explains the most gets 5 stars and 10 points. THANKS EVERYBODY GOOD LUCK!!!!!


You have been in my thoughts and perayrs! May God continue to use you in a great way! I pray that He will give you direction, strength, boldness, and peace! Excited to hear your story and His Story. Love and perayrs, Sherry Maurizi (mom)


Nintendo 3DS Preorder Help?Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I prreedroed a Nintendo 3DS and Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition at a local GameStop, but now I've found out that they are not doing a Midnight Launch Event at this store, and I want to transfer to another What do I do? If I've already paid the System and game off, does that mean I can't get a full refund? Is it too late for me to get the System on Launch if I were to place the Preorder Say, tommorow?

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