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buy a wii

That's the way to do it. It may require getting up early or getting to work late, but it's not all that hard if you really want one.

Find a Cheap Wii

That is a hard way to go. It may be best to search for Nintendo Wii online. Check out http://www.gotnintendowii.com

Paul Jones

Not much stress if you buy a wii online, but their still quite hard to find. Make your search easier by going to.


how much does it cost at the store?


This is definitely the least stressful way to go...especially if you live or work in NYC. I got mine this morning!! YAY!! I got there at 7:50 and there were about 40-50 people ahead of me. They cost $250 in the store (same as any of the other stores currently selling...or should I say...sold out of it) Good luck!!

Steve Smith

Finally managed to get mine at Christmas time in the UK, they were sold out everywhere but was in the right place at the right time just as a delivery came in :)

Cheap Night Vision Binoculars

Haha i didn't get my wii yet because I have been saving up for my binoculars. But that is definitely the way to buy a wii! lol

Cheap Night Vision Binoculars

Haha i didn't get my wii yet because I have been saving up for my binoculars. But that is definitely the way to buy a wii! lol

Patrick Kaa

Hey there great info site you have here I reallly enjoyed the read , check out my one if you have the time http://how-to-copy-wii-games.blogspot.com/

wii player

Nice post, keep on with your good work!
Is it so hard to get a wii in NY?

Chris the Pro Gamer

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Thanks Again!

Wii Game World

There's also a list of the cheapest places to buy nintendo wii online here:


I luv Fun Online Games

Strange, there has never been any waiting for a Wii in Australia - just walk into a shop and buy one.
http://mostfunonlinegames.blogspot.com>Gamer Girl


You can get a Wii from this website:


I've had great luck with them in the past, and their prices are less than at amazon.

Wayne Merritt

Great post, I especially enjoyed the part about Wii worldwide. I wanna play more people on Mario Kart worldwide, seems same people are on it all the time - LOL

BTW: found a cool site with a ton of wii games, really cheap for download !!

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If anyones still looking for a nintendo Wii hop on over to www.wii-playit.cm


Sorry, broken linkwww.wii-playit.com


Sorry, broken link www.wii-playit.com


I have a question? Does anyone know how to unlock a WII with software only. I've heard of this new software and just needed some feedback.

wii console sale

You girls are so cute. Have fun on your wii!

shane oneill

nice article mate i will bookmark the page and i am awaiting more aticles cheers http://www.consolemodz.com

Nintendo Wii Console

Thanks so much for the great info. I just got a Wii online for a great deal and I'm trying to figure this thing out. Wii Wii!!!

Wii Fit Bundle

Since Christmas is months away, now is a good time to buy a Wii to avoid all troubles during the shopping season in November and December.


Free Dsi

The Wii is a great addition to any gamers collection of system, and games. And I bet it was pretty hard purchaing one in NY when they first came out.

Buy Nintendo DSi

The wii is well cool and wii fit still keeps me interested :)

snes roms

Great info ! It was a hassle to get my wii back when I got it...Finally they are becoming more available...

snes roms

They were hard to get last xmas even ...

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