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I walked past that line at around 4:30, and it was way too long even if they had closed at their normal time of 6. They should have proactively cut it off even earlier than that.


Exactly. If at 5 o clock they had gone through and said "Look, we have one hour left, and we can only sell 2 wii a minute, so only the next 60 people will be let in," everything would have been fine. The problem is that a) there was a rude unruly mob b) Nintendo responded by shutting it down, instead of being firm about their constraints.


Sorry you had such a bad experience, but glad you got a Wii in the end.

Yeah. I guess I sort of grew out of experiences like that too. I can wait until stock is a little easier to come by. I mean, hell, I just got Elite Beat Agents, I couldn't possibly be bothered to put that down just for something like a Wii.


i'm sorry to hear about the poor service that you went through. at least u got ur wii.

as for me, i'll probably get another ds but i want the ds light instead.

Stephen Wang

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with all that.

I'd like to ask, however, if your experience was marred by those in line around you, or by the employees of the store? The latter seems to be the case. I think the point Kottke (and many others) make about the Wii launch in contrast with the PS3's is that the types of people who go to the two different launches sharply contrast.

At this point it seems to be the fault of the employees and not of the customers. The employees may have been mean (and the store isn't even run by Nintendo, as you said), but they don't necessarily qualify as fans in the same manner as those who waited in line for the Wii. And so I think Kottke's point still stands. Perhaps Nintendo is just as "mean" as Sony and Microsoft, but many of the fans of each can be characterized as they have been.


The employees acted poorly, but they were definitely egged on by knuckleheads in the line. These guys (all the jerks were guys) were screaming and begging like little babies every time someone wearing the company uniform came out the front door. They weren't violent, per se, but they were acting violently juvenile, enough so that the Nintendo Store employees closed down the store with their rent-a-cops.


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Sorry you had to wait so long !


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