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Maybe that's why the fourth most popluar wii search term is "wii porn". LOL

copy wii games

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Wii Game World

But what's the point of it? Can't these kids just go on their computers to find porn?

free roms

Is it really the fourth most popular ? lol

wii console sale

Hackers may just want to proof their skills.

Homebrew on Wii

Love it! Learn how to copy wii games and play without a mod chip!

Wii Fit Bundle

Did they ever fix the hack on the current production line of the Wii?

Wii Bundle fan

Free Dsi

I dont think they did, would be nice though.



That's pretty much what I'm doing right now. But you are right more and more games these days need to have ntweork connection for something. No sense fighting it that's why my idea was silly. The gaming industry is heading the other way. I don't usually have major spyware issues on my machines so having a gaming machine connected to the internet is not such a big deal. It was just a theoretical idea for a foolproof Gaming PC for your living room. You know one that you could set up for a younger sibling, cousin or your offspring.The fact that I know how to avoid the bonzi, does not change the fact that someone I would be sharing that machine with would find the damn thing mesmerizing and wouldn't resist clicking on it. a0|a0

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