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Rob Drimmie

Oh, I also meant to mention in there my dad's reaction to the form factor of the Wii. Our entertainment unit is somewhat overloaded compared to his, with a PVR, a DVD player, a VCR, our GameCube, a few speakers and the amp. Beside it, we have a large silver bass speaker.

My dad just assumed that one of the big black boxes was the Wii, since we didn't really give ours a place of honour. It's just tucked into some open space beside the TV, and when the game disc was swapped out he was floored.

My dad is no slouch when it comes to gaming, he is definitely one of my greatest influences in this regard and got me started young when he brought home an Intellivision. For the kids, you know.

He's an avid and current PC gamer (he loves RPGs and RTSes, and really enjoyed Oblivion and Morrowind before it, and has had Warcraft III installed on every computer he's own since it was released) and was just amazed at how great Zelda looked and what Nintendo had done with such a small device.

I still haven't stacked up 3 DVD cases, but it seems to me like they only went over their goal by a small amount in each direction.


you are right. your life is boring.

Mark Vane

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Kate Spencer

The classic games will come, usally take about a year after the console comes out!

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I still love all the classic games, I still wish there were more for the more updated systems, like the Wii, and such.

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the classic games are well cool... hope they work on the new dsI as well ?

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Yea the classics are the best :)

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Wii sports for an hour? We're lucky if it get's less than an hour per day!

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