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Will Thomson

I can't wait till Sunday and the glorious day the Wii comes out. I've got an inside man at Best Buy who's getting it for me.


Good luck, guys. I'm rooting for you. :)

Me, I've finally come to the decision that I can wait until there's games that I want more, virtual or otherwise. There's a solid launch lineup there, to be sure, but it just doesn't speak to me. Which is odd, because just about everything else about the system seems to have been mined from my darkest, softest fantasies.

I'll see you guys in a couple months when the launch frenzy is over and Nintendo has to try to sell them.

Rob Drimmie

Just to follow-up, I was unsuccesful in my attempts. If I had planned things out better I probably could have scored one by getting in a line, but I just didn't really want to.

My wife and I hoped to get a consolation prize of Twilight Princess for the GC, because to be perfectly honest it's the Zelda that I've been craving for the past damn year they've been dangling in front of us, but it turns out I should pay more attention to the news, because TP:GC doesn't get released until December 11!

So, we ended up a little bit bummed out, but it isn't as though I've ever owned a console on launch day anyway, and I just didn't care enough to stand in line for hours.

I am hoping the promised copious amounts of shipping consoles comes true, and hope that if not on a Wii I can at least get my hands on Zelda sometime in the near future. I have played through each Zelda 3 or 4 times anyway, so if I buy the Wii version used in a year when EB is practically begging people to take their overstock, then so be it.


but it turns out I should pay more attention to the news, because TP:GC doesn't get released until December 11!

This is mystifying to me.


Mystifying? Or Nintendo leveraging their most hyped game ever into a selling point for the Wii during its first few weeks in existance?

I'm just glad they didn't pull a Shenmue II on us, come right out and say "Screw all y'all." It's slightly classier than it could have been.


the only thing i did not like about this game is that some items only work in their temples. For epxlame, the spinner only works for a part in the desert temple. Same with the ball and chain; you only need it in snow, and the dominion rod only works in the temple of time and to get to the temple of sky. But even that i think twilight princess is excellent; its challenging, quick, great action and reminds u of ocarina of time

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