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Awesome. Gosh, there's a million things I want to know, but damned if I know how to put the questions into words.

Okay, one question for now, if you're taking them. I've heard it mentioned that depth -- the distance between the remote and the viewing screen/sensor bar -- would be some sort of game mechanic in Trauma Center. Did you get any sort of impression of if that was actually implemented or how well it worked?

Wiley Wiggins

I didn't notice any depth sensitivity in Trauma center, but I only played the first few levels, which were mostly making surface incisions, pulling stuff out with tweezers, and suturing stuff up. It's very likely that the procedures get much more difficult later, as the ones I went through were pretty easy and very forgiving of sloppy movements and mistakes.

There was definitely depth sensitivity in the Wii Sports games.


Awesome, thank you. :) Ever since I've started hearing about how the system works, I've been wondering exactly what the motion sensitivity is capable of. Hearing this is very encouraging.

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