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Not only is it a fun game, but it also serves as 200+ tech demos in a box. It'd be the perfect game to set up in kiosks to show people what the Wii controller is capable of.


There's not contest DDR! Dance, Dance Revolution: Hottest Party is the most phllacisyy strenuous game for the Wii or any other game console. Literally thousands of schools throughout the country (USA) have been buying and incorporating this game as part of their physical education programs. It's also being used to treat obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. The State of West Virginia has committed to placing this game in every single one of its public schools. I'm not even trying to lose weight and I've lost 12 pounds over the past 2 months playing it so far. Great aerobic workout. If you want to move around a lot? Well, this will do it. Oh, and if you're still in school and your school doesn't have this game for your gym classes yet? You'll get a head start on everyone else.References :


My friend retned this game on a whim when a bunch of us were just hanging out. We always had 4 people playing and a room full of people watching. Either way, the game is so much fun. The gameplay is confusing at first, but you can pick it up pretty quickly. And even if you can't figure it out, the insanity of it all is hilarious. 5-second mini-games with one word commands for instructions play against back drops of dance music growing constantly faster, balloons being inflated at rapid speed to blow you clear to the moon, or the sight of your friends stealing your cards while your back is turned. There are 3 party versions and a one-player version. I suggest playing as a group. I laughed so hard my stomach ached. We stayed up for hours playing this game. We didn't even care who won, we enjoyed it so much. There are even classic Nintendo games thrown into the mix. Anyone remember that fly-swatter game from Mario Paint? Ok, I won't say anymore. If I give too much away, it won't be as funny when you see it. Great for any age person, with a room full of good friends.

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