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how did you get an irc channel on the ds?!


I just wanted to say we have a nintendo server and the address is


I'm nostalgic for the days when we were excited for the DS Lite.


Well, I'd like to say we have a good place for people to talk about wii and ds. http://n-xg.com

damier geant

you don't blog often, pls keep your twitter acct, some of your updates are hilarious.

online sony playstation

The quality of information that you are providing is simply marvelous.


Why is no$Gba nintendo ds emtuolar not working for pokemon platimun?Hello, I downloaded the no$gba Nintendo DS emtuolar and rom (Pokemon Diamond) today. But when it reaches the press start screen and I press, it dissolves into a white screen and nothing comes anymore.What could be the problem?

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