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I was the one that asked the Ask.Mefi question. I've been happy with the DS I bought, but was pretty shocked when I first opened it up and realized just how big a beast of a machine the thing is. It's a lot heavier than it looks. Still, the games are so solid. I think it'll be all the better in the coming year. The upcomming titles are looking quite good.


I split my time pretty evenly between the Micro and the DS. I love, love, love playing the DS on the subway because, well, size matters.

I still hold onto the powder blue SP1 as well, because it still works with the Game Boy Camera and Printer.


The DS has become my system of choice, mostly because that's where all the new games are, and I've rediscovered my love of Animal Crossing. But I prefer to play GBA games on my GBA SP. The lovely little NES-styled one that I didn't exactly need but bought anyway. Wario Ware Twisted is in it right now. I mean... That game's a complete system all by itself.


i bought a gbmaeoy player on gamestop used but it din;t come with the start up disc dont buy that stupid shit Um.. this review clearly warns about that very thing. Plus, a split second of researching stuff before you buy it prevents that kind of stuff from happening most of the time.You should have made sure it came with the start-up disc -before- buying it.You could still try to return it.. yeah it's used, but maybe if you bitch enough, who knows? I'm serious, lol. =)


i'm not positive or anhtiyng, but i was pretty sure that the DS didn't need a cable, it could connect with a signal or something. if 2 DS's are close to each other. I don't have one but my friends do, and they did it that way. i think, but i am not positive. also, no, i doubt it will still work with the DS sry!


SOME Christian denominations beievle that it has to do with magic or something. Obviously, they didn't look into it out of fear of it actually being evil and influencing them. Naturally then, they assume it's evil. It is true that certain games have evil properties (Oiji board), etc, but one should look into it before assuming.My simple answer is this: a lot of people make blanket statements about Christianity because of something a small group says or does. 99% of Christians do not beievle Pokemon is evil.

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