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Mr eel

We live in hope my friend.

I'm not big on playing FPS myself, but I do enjoy them. The problem as I see it, is that FPS are not casual games. I'm not interested in investing hundreds of dollars to play Quake 4, for example.

I think the Revolution could go a long way to making FPS accessable in more than one way. Cost, intuitive controls and perhaps even some sort of balancing/handi-cap system for online play. Nothing more embarassing and discouraging than having a child toast you in a game of Half Life.

Syril Ram

I have to agree with Mr eel's comment about some sort of handicap for varying players abilities. I used to think that Quake Arena was cool until I played it online. Five minutes after I played it and died many many times I decided that I never wanted to play it again. I think Nintendo would do something to remedy that kind of situation. They did it to Mario Kart DS.

Levis Jeans

In der Tat, Cowboys In der Tat, der Cowboy, für seine Mischung aus Vielfalt bekannt.

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