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Neat. If their food wasn't crap, I'd take advantage of it.

Marie Guzman

That would be friggin AWESOME!!!


I honestly don't care, because the one in my town probably wont even get one! DAMN I HATE THIS TOWN!!!


You only have one McDonalds? o.O


F*** Mc D's I hate their food. Trust me Ive seen supersize me. LOL :(. I love my DS but i just dont feel like wasting my time there playing metroid animal crossing or mario kart.

gynecologist arizona

You may have given up cigarettes, but if your mate's still puffing away, your baby's getting hefty doses of the 43 cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke.


/ The new Nintendo 3DS console is being rentrued to stores because it's making people feel sick when they use it I thought that was the whole idea of it LOL! No, more seriously, this is new tech give it a chance, people!

Sko Timberland

Sand-farget kjole AF Stratham vanntett jakke human hensyntatt fjærkonstant duskregn klærne nå 3000mm vanntett og 3000mm pustende grader, klær side fire funksjonelle lommer avlaste foten bærbare artikler byrde;

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