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I'm keeping up with Nintendogs out of a sense of obligation. The "new pet" glow has worn off, and now I just drop in on my lunch break to make sure they aren't going to drop dead.

I played Animal Crossing pretty consistantly for a year, then it sort of dropped off. And once I stopped, it was hard to get back into it because I knew the terrible state of disrepair my town would end up in. I'm tempted to get the DS version, but in my heart I know the same thing's going to happen.

Having a game that moves in real time whether you're there or not is pretty neat -- I'm generally in favor of ideas that can meld real life with the game world. But for a game that never ends? Y'know, sooner or later you'll want to play something else. It'd be kind of nice if the game world didn't rot in your absense.

At least I've still got Wario. He doesn't care if I'm not playing microgames every six hours.


I was able to complete Katamari Damacy in about a week. It's a lot of fun. I suggest you unwrap that thing and give it a go. But as for Nintendogs... *aye* they're like high maintenance Tamagotchi. I'm like CP, I just make sure they are fed. =\

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I think like you because I like to spend long hours playing games I feel so comfortable being a perfect lazy man, that's rare because that's the only thing I know to do.


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