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I agree, people don't seem to realize that Nintendo is actually making a profit from games. Unlike Sony and Microsoft who are basically pouring lots of money into their games divisions to gain marketshare. That's also why Microsoft (and probably Sony as well) needs its online strategy to add another revenue stream.


I like nintendo,because they won't charge alot of money for somthing like internet,or games.Like nintendogs is going to be 30 dollars and looks amazing.

Nintendo Wii Console

I think nintendo is just trying to do what any business is doing...and that's make a profit


Portable Browser Reviews: PSP, Nintendo DS, IPod Touch?Anyone have any experience with these borrsews? Post your opinion, and post your comparisons if you've used more than one. Thx.If you've used any others post about them as well.yes I'm asking about the web browser on these devices. I have the PSP (which the browser is free), and the browser is ok for some things but not very good.The DS browser costs $30, is it even worth it at all then? How effectively is the dual screen used? I'm still kinda intrested but if the lame PSP browser is better I dont know.


Well, it appears that most of the games she likes are netdinno games, and she is a younger one so my best bet for you would be the Nintendo Wii; it's got Super mario Galaxy, a mario kart is due for release soon, Mario party 8 is the best one yet, it has a paper mario game out now, and i'm sure the next generation of the other mario sports games will come in due time. I also wouldn't be surprised if Wii released games like wheel of fortune or jeapordy anytime soon, and the price tag is not bad considering you can find one at best buy. the price is $249.99 so she'll have some spending money left over for games. As for Gran Turismo, 3 and 4 are on Playstation 2, which is now about $120 or so depending on where you buy it. (mine was $80 from a pawn shop) and Gran Turismo 5 will be on playstation 3, which is a bit pricey at $400 for the cheaper console, and that is after numerous price drops in one year. So hands down, i'd have to say the Wii is the best way to go. Just make sure you pick up a second remote; you may want to play with her too ^^

Nike Sko

Nylig har Nike lansert syv landslaget spillet utstyr, inkludert den kinesiske nasjonale basketball team, vektløfting team, bryting team, spor team, tennis team, bueskyting team og sandvolleyball team av syv kinesiske hæren vil ha Utgivelsen av det nye utstyret til å delta i de olympiske leker avholdes neste måned i London.

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