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Mr eel

The idea of access to downloadable versions of Nintendo's back-catalogue is enticing. For alot of people I can see that as a strong enducement to buy the Revolution.

And people would pay for it. People download roms off the net to use in an emulator, but to a large extend I think has to do with convenience. Its easier to download a rom than it is to try and find that copy of say... Stunt Race FX -- I know that pain, it took me ages to find the original cartridge.

I think Nintendo will charge for this. I think for their own sake they should. They would have to expend effort to package the games and then maintain the infrastructure to deliver them. More to the point, people WILL pay for the games and Nintendo can turn a tidy profit from games they've already recovered development costs for.

I just hope they don't price-gouge. I think that the prices Nintendo were asking for repackaged GBA versions of NES games were too expensive. I realise packaging and cartridge manufacture would have alot to do with this, so I'm hoping electronic delivery will mean lower prices.

Nike Sko

Det er rapportert at Guangzhou, har Nike merkeopplevelsen butikken ned totalt tre, inkludert tredemølle, idrett kultur, tennis, fotball, basketball, kvinners trening, menns trening, ekstremsport og Jordan merkevare, innovative produkter.

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