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Nintendogs is the cutest game yet! It has everything that you can do with a real puppy!


nintendogs to me is a fun game that gives kids that dont have pets a chance to see what it feels like. i dont have a dog in real life but who needs one when i have nintendogs.


I love Nintendogs. I love everything about it but I think it would be better if the puppys could grow up and have their own puppys.


Im a nintendogs maniac, thus I have a Golden Retreiver. I found a Pirate Hat today while going on Blaze's walk! (My golden) I'm really aiming for a green and red hat (Mario and luigi) Look on nintendogs.com!

Laura McCue

Hey I luv nintendogs. This game is great for kids who don't have a real pet, but as Nia said last year, who needs them when you have the prefect pets on virtual DS? I have a dalmatian called Jasper and a beagle called Coco. I luv them both.


i love puppies so much and they are so cute and i have one myself!


Stupid question...I just started playing the Nintendogs this week, and I went through all the little tutorial screens that they gave me. The bad thing is, I still don't have a microphone icon to click on so that I can talk to my dog. What do I do? I have reset the game several times, I have tried switching dogs...I am lost. If anyone can help me that would be geat! Thanks a bunch!!


OMG Nintendogs is so fun! I have the chihuahua one and have five dogs. A KC Spaniel named Lady, a boxer named Bruno, a Husky named Robber, his sidekick, a black chihuahua named Bandit (they look like they wear masks!) and last, a german shepared girl named Snappy. O:D


hey i absolutly love nintendogs i have 25,000 dollars right now and saving up for the seaside interior how is it me and my cousin were going 4 desktop but she bought and said its not that great so i didnt get it but my dogs are a beagle named shecky a snauzer named tazer and a golden named lucy


Hi i love nintendogs its the onley game i have playd this week i havent put it down yet. I have 2 dogs a yellow lab called Sammy and a boxer called Tyson they are great. So far Sammy is my star dog but i dont no weather i should get another dog.
What do u think


i have to name my dog i want to name him rover and ive been trying for two hours but the stupid dog (german shepered) just keeps forgetting any tips or hints


I Have 20 dogs, Hogan, Helga, Verner, Dawson, Kelev, Pepper, Luster, Jackie, Spike, Fizz, Jammie, Jack, Link, Trusty, Duff, Jake, Midnite, Frodo , Ilian, and Prinses. Ps I got a dashund pack at enertaimart and Riley all of your dogs (xept bell and cocker) are great and well! Oh yeah hogan is named after HOGAN"s Hereos!


will some one tell me what to do wit the dod problem 2 comments up plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I have labrador and friends and I have a white labrador named spot and i have been with him for 11:56 i only got him yesterday. He is going in master class right now in disk compitition


i have nintendogs lab and friends it is really good i have 7 dogs called
cinnamon(shiba inu),coco(poodle),
bruno(boxer),and a beagle called ralf.

i have £13,842.11 and 14316 trainer points


i have nintendogs lab and friends it is really good i have 7 dogs called
cinnamon(shiba inu),coco(poodle),
bruno(boxer),and a beagle called ralf.

i have £13,842.11 and 14316 trainer points


p.s impossible to have 20 dogs u r only aloud 8 at a time then u have to donate some so stop lying,lee.


hi i have 3 dogs a lab called daisy and a chihuahua called lucky and the last one called bobby a dachshund. right now my star dog s daisy she knows sit,lie down,roll over,spin round,hurt,play dead,stand (which is beg),shake,other paw and say hi. and she is in all the contests and i have 10,000pound and my first dog was lucky. i love them to bits i am a nintendog nut i have all 4 games and i have diffrent dogs on each of them and i am working on finding the jack russell book so i candt wait yay!


their mine did it wrong sos


hi i need i freend iv plade nintendogs for 5 yers labs and f


you know all the puppies on niteneddogs are cute you cant say no to there little faces


also another thing is i love LABS~:>

Jack Russell puppies

Nintendogs is my favorite out of all the virtual puppy games. It's just the best - just like a real puppy.


oh can you guys tell me about this !!! i was trying again and again with the reset,to have a ROAD in my neighborhood Ι have heard fot this and i have se it in my best friend nintendogs!!! please tell me if someone of you is used to have this... :(


allison, first you name it. then you say the dog's name CLEARLY! three times. each time the dog should bark. on the third bark
a screen will pop up saying ------- is very intrested that you've called his name repetedly and all that BLAH BLAH stuff thanks!

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you can have puppies you get a male and a female of the same breed only feed the normal dog food and milk then wait four weeks dont take the dogs out of the house

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