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I do think that the GameCube has the best controller out there, but I've found my logitech wireless controller for my PS2 to be a real close second. It's a bit larger than the crappy controllers that come with the PS2, and thus I don't get hand cramps like the "dual shock" controllers give me.


The particular page details one of three such projects with the Physical Optics Corporation (P.O.C.) of Torrance, California. This project is entitled "3-D Visualization System for Robotic Teleoperations" and is described as fololows.

High quality, real time 3-D visualization system with no position restrictions for viewing and no hardware for the viewer to wear.
That´s interesting in itself. But the potential bombshell is hidden under the heading ´Commercialization´:
* $750,000 contract with U.S. Army to develop technology for medical imaging
* $300,000 of support from Japanese company to develop for game applications
I have just had a very interesting conversation with Rick Shie, the company´s senior vice president. To begin with, I tried to pull the old trick on him, presupposing what you are actually asking about. So I asked him outright about Nintendo´s $300,000 involvement and what practical use the gaming giant was getting out of this investment. His answer was to note that he got plenty of mails about this matter today, already. He then went on to say that he is bound by a non-disclosure agreement (N.D.A.) and couldn´t say too much about it. Mr. Shie didn´t confirm the company in question was Nintendo, but he also never denied it. Given the fact that I boldly presupposed the connection in my question, I regard this a very likely scenario. Every company with such a contract is bound by an N.D.A., but that doesn´t prevent them telling people who they´re NOT working with.

MBT Billig

MBT Billig for såler laget av hard gummi, kan grus eller ujevne fortau effektivt hindre ankelskader og skade på fotsålene, fjellklatring MBT joggesko MBT for overdel vanligvis med fin tekstur av lær eller hard nylon lerret laget suveren vanntett og varm.

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