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Hi, will this game only work on a Japanese DS or does the Japanese version work on a US DS?

David Jacobs

All DS & PSP games are region free.


I've just ordered this with Nintendogs and Dai Gassou! Band Bros. Can't wait to see the "Fluffy" llama for myself.

BTW, it's electroplankton, not elektroplankton. You must've gotten the spelling mixed up after watching a certain Jennifer Garner movie. :P

David Jacobs

It appears you are korrekt. However, if I correct the spelling your comment will make no sense. So, I'll just leave it.

Michael Wilson

Not that it matters, but I do believe that PSP games do have regions. I have no real evidence other than the fact that theres a 'riegion 1' logo on the back of all my games.

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