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In your post you insinuate that there is no platformer on the original list, but the Ultimate Library includes Prince of Persia, which is considered to be a Nintendo platformer.

Rob Drimmie

I don't insinuate it, I outright state it. PoP:SoT is (in my estimation) an action rpg moreso than a platformer.

The distinction is a little bit blurry in the as platformers tend to acquire traits of rpgs, but here's why I make the distinction.

To me, a platformer is primarily about controller dexterity in terms of jumping. Platformers are about item collection and exploration. 3D platformers are about free exploration. All your moves are available to you at once, you have a number of lives, and powerups are short term and dramatically affect gameplay. The canonical (3d) platformer is Mario 64.

Action RPGs are also about controller dexterity, but more about combat. Item collection is less important as skills are something inherent to character, your character becomes capable of more advanced actions as time passes. Health and other statistics combine to enhance and alter gameplay, are long term and are a replacement for powerups. Character development is fundamental. The canonical (3d) action rpg is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The distinction is very slight and dimishing with each title, as both involve unlocking areas and progressing the story as time passes, both are real time, both are largely dependant on player skill for progress.

Any argument I make for distinction is pretty easily countered or dismissed, but I do maintain that there is a feeling to each that distinguishes them. I don't expect you (or anyone) to agree with my gut.

The original Prince of Persia was definitely platformers, but 2d platformers differ from 3d platformers, and I think the nature of Sands of Time is different than the original.

It's not a firm line to draw, but it's one I do, and if I ask myself which of Zelda or Mario PoP is closer to, it's not really a competition, it's definitely more like Zelda.

Rob Drimmie

Oh, I want to be sure to state explicitly: Jenn, you're most definitely right that PoP is considered a platformer by everyone on the planet except me.

I just think you're all wrong is all.

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