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It's not Bowser, trust me.

Rob Drimmie

After having played a couple of more chapters, I admit to being pleasantly suprised by the way the story is turning out (aechris' correction of me and more). The game is much better than I was hoping for.

I am also beginning to suspect that what I attributed to slowdown is actually just some minor gameplay curiousity. Occasionally when I move at an angle (deeper into the environment and to the right, typically) it takes a second or two for myself and my partner and a guiding character (for it's only ever happened when there are three onscreen characters) to get sorted out and moving properly. Maybe curious pathfinding problems or something. I haven't completely confirmed, but I don't think the rest of the activity slows down, it's just that Mario and friends do.

I confess to not much enjoying what's happening with Luigi so far in the game. Bumbling fools are all well and good, and Luigi's known to be a bit of a chucklehead, but it seems like they're being pretty mean to him.


Yup, definitely not Bowser.

And as for Luigi, he's been the butt of jokes at Nintendo for years, including in the first Paper Mario. He's a two-bit copy of Mario who they've created as a weakling, scaredy type. He is what he is.

Since Super Mario Bros. 2 was simply a re-working of Doki Doki Panic I'm not sure that you can really draw anything onto Peach since Nintendo needed a female figure and there was only one back then (two if you count Daisy, who has led a more adventurous life than Peach in Japan).

I've only just finished Chapter 1 but I like what I've seen so far, with a huge asterisk: it feels like I'm playing Paper Mario all over again. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but so far my sidekicks are the same as they were in the first game (with new names and faces) and I can't shake the feeling of 'this is all they could come up with?' I keep getting. I'm ecstatic with the whole look and feel of the game and I'm sure there are plenty of more good things to come - I only hope there's not another cake-making sequence in this game like the last o.O

Rob Drimmie

It's very likely that it's been long enough since I've played the original that I didn't experience that same feeling of retreading my old steps. (I also chomped through the first in a binge of rental gameplaying so don't remember too much outside of enjoying it quite a fair bit)

There are certainly similarities (and to some degree I'd almost rather they revisit the world of PM1 to create a consistant world that grows and changes with each new episode) that jog even my feeble memory, but through to the end of Chapter 3 (which is where I am now) there's been some interesting and varied types of gameplay.

Luigi is what he is, but I've never known him in previous games to be a liar and a braggart. *shrug* I will gladly credit that to me not paying attention.




How can you all say that it's like the last Paper Mario?! Sure, Peach is kidnapped and Mario has to save her, but being able to have a Yoshi you can name and ride is so COOL!!!!(admit it.) I love this game more than the last one and there's never been anything wrong with the game or gameplay. You are all simply pig-headed.


Chi is soooooo right! The game has very few flaws and is a fun game. Now I'd like to know something...

Why are adult's who should be worrying about their wives(IF you're even married)playing a game designed pretty much SPECIFICALLY for children?

The reason you the

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