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This post is a copy+paste job, but it covers this:

I think there is some confusion over this report -- no Nintendo confirmations or comments have been made about this speculation.

I think the confusion is arising from the original reports use of the term "voice-over-ip" which is associated with, well, VOIP-phones (internet to phone network). But I think that the report is, instead, insinuating that the DS will have *support* for XBox Live/Counter-Strike/Roger Wilco-like voice communication. Strict IP-to-Ip, LAN/WAN stuff. While definitely an interesting feature (and the headset rumour makes sense), it's not quite taking a bite at cellular phone providers (VOIP costs money).

Rob Drimmie

Yeah, it wouldn't suprise me at all if communication was limited to in-game chatter. It would be very suprising if there was a way to contact another DS owner when their DS is closed and pocketed -- they would have to be online, and very likely have the same game loaded.

Rampant speculation follows:

It would be rather interesting if Nintendo provided (for a fee) some massive multiplayer universe (more MUSH than MUD I imagine, something similar in style to Animal Crossing would be well suited) so gamers could leave messages for each other and such.

A static virtual environment for DS players to join and use to meet new players and such would be very fun and probably quite successful, although all the burdensome issues of child predators and other nastiness would make it difficult to do well.

I look forward to seeing what happens when Nintendo puts a WiFi enabled device in the pockets of a few million people around the planet.

greens plus

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all the burdensome issues of child predators and other nastiness would make


Nintendo Wii. Even though I hate that syestm I would say it's the best for kids because there are a lot of games made for little kids. Other syestms have more of an adult theme games with violence and stuff in that nature. So a Wii would be best for her.

Timberland Scarpes

Per risolvere il problema dell'acqua, la maggior parte dei modelli utilizzati fodera Gore Tex materiale, alcune impermeabile pelle olio, queste scarpe può camminare caviglia sotto la superficie dell'acqua o sotto la pioggia.

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