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David Jacobs
Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto then hit the stage to introduce Nintendogs, the unconventional virtual pet game. Miyamoto demonstrated how players can call their dog's name -- his was named "Musashi" -- to bring it from the top screen down to the bottom screen, where players can pet them with the stylus, play catch with a Frisbee, exercise the dog by jumping rope, and enjoy other games. This title isn't as close to release as some, though -- Miyamoto said he'll be training his pets more actively by next spring.

from 1up's launch roundup.

Tina Marie

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Damian Yerrick

I thought HMMM (Harvest Moon Magical Melody) was about raising animals and selling them for meat.


I am unbelievably exceitd about the Revolution controller. I think it appeals to both ends of the market (casual hardcore), because it simultaneously provides more control and extensibility with an easier way of using it.One of the reasons I'm into games is because I view them as an exercise in creating highly intuitive interfaces. Nintendo was absolutely correct in recognizing this, and their efforts to develop really intuitive physical devices will substantially boost both them and the entire industry.The Rev controller is definitely going to be the best controller for FPS games, which covers the hardcore crowd. The only question is how much better is it going to be as much of a difference as mouse+keyboard was over just the keyboard? I think so.Anyway, I guess the kids-only' perception of the Revolution will depend on the sorts of third parties Nintendo is able to attract. Nintendo's first-party games will probably not change too much in focus.


The reviews are very exnlceelt. It gets top marks for speed, low memories use and has a ton of facial appearance built in. My favourites are:- mouse gestures (use mouse to go back, forward, open new page etc.)- cache (close opera and next time you open it, the pages are still there)- notes (very handy. copy any text/url etc to the built in notes)Some pages are not showing correctly as they are designed mainly for IE, but it's the best out of the box and fastest browser you can get. It's my default browser at work, at home and on my mobile phone.


can you you trade pokemon from a rom file to ds?i have a lot of awmesoe pokemon in my platinum rom, and i have soul silver in my actual ds. i have this doubt can i trade pokemon between my nintendo ds and the rom file, say, through a wifi internet connection? is this possible?


do you think the Pokemon Black and White will be able to play on the Nintendo 3ds?The Pokemon game and Nintendo 3ds is figured to both be reesaled in March, 2011, and what about other games already reesaled such as any Mario games? Will there be updates so the new features can be enabled for those games? Please give best answers and if you can a link to your answer. THANKS!!

Timberland Scarpes

il ghiaccio parete di arrampicata pareti rocciose o suola neve mista con anti-usura suola in gomma (Vibram o camminare Sky) tra la piastra di carbonio organico fodera, suole dure, forti, resistenza agli urti, un adeguato sostegno in salita, tomaie con spessore (3,0 mm) in pelle di pecora intero o cucita

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