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My friends and I were just considering this as an option for playing Pacman Vs., since the only GBA we have is an old backlightless one and my apartment is fairly dark. Glad to hear that it will probably work.


The GB Player for US Gamecubes is out of print, though, and I heard that Nintendo wasn't going to bring it back. They have it for $70 at J&L near Canal, but that seems pricey.

Rob Drimmie

I hadn't heard it was out of print. There seem to be third party products (well, at least one, link below) that offer the same functionality, but I'm having trouble finding reliable reviews and this one seems to work through the memory port (?!), so I don't know if it would function as well.



That one doesn't work with all games, and I can't tell if it has the expansion port that would be necessary for linkups. I found my gameboy player used, but the Gamestop still had new ones available. Unfortunately only the black one ever sold in the US, so that's what I ended up with on my platinum cube -- but when I get an SP I can get the platinum/onyx one, so at least they'll match.


My friends and I used to play goldeneye like that all the time. We used to play a version we made up called "Preditor", in which one TV would allow one player to see everyone's screens (Radar off), and the other TV would have the other three players except that the Preditor's screen would be taped off.

Great fun :)

Rob Drimmie

The other day I was in a Best Buy (in Canada) and saw a Nintendo-branded GBA Player. I don't know if it was just the lingering remnants of stock making its way through the system or if there is new production or what, but they may still be available for a little while.

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