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Derek Rose

Haha, that was my groomsman's cake for my wedding, I sent the pic in to Gizmodo this morning. :) It tasted pretty good too! Chocolate cake and strawberry layers I think...


Thanks for sharing it with the world, Derek! I'm so jealous still.


i am in canada so i think that would be innranetiotal? in which case it would be paypal , i have 3 kids and xmas is just around the corner so that would sure help with that , they all want video game stuff lol AWESOME thanks for the chancestaceyx at telus dot net


Review by Isackson for Rating: If you want to enjoy the multiplayer aespct available in many GBA games the GBA link cable is definately what you need. (and who would want to miss out on the great multiplayer of games such as advance wars, zelda: four swords and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?)For right now this is the only way to go, that is until the wireless connecter comes out alongside with the release of the new Pokemon games. (the link cable is often to short)Be forewarned that 1 cable will connect only 2 GBA systems (you will need an additional cable for each additional system) Also most games require each person to have a copy of the game to play multiplayer.Another important point to make is that this is NOT going to connect your Gameboy Advance/SP to a Gamecube. You need a different cable if that is your objective.With that in mind enjoy the multiplayer aespct of the GBA, it's definately alot of fun.


Im looking to buy a 3ds with a trade in?hi, i live in aualtsria and i want to buy the nintendo 3ds when it releases. over here its going to be priced at roughly $350 and i have just recently received an email from game' (one of the major game retailers here) which said trade in your dsi + any 2 games for a 3ds for a price of $189 and i have the dsi already but i dont have any dsi games (i have an supercard dstwo) i was going to buy any 2 cheap games online and i wanted to know what the cheapest 2 ds games to buy online would be


Download every Pokemon rom. All games for Game Boy, GB Color, GB Advance, N64 and Nintendo DS w/emulator?Basically I'm looking for a place where I can doolnwad every single Pokemon rom / game ever released. These games include:Game Boy (gb) Pokemon romsPokemon Blaue Edition romPokemon Blue Version romPokemon Green romPokemon Red romPokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1 romGame Boy Color (gbc) Pokemon romsPokemon Crystal romPokeMon Crystal Glass romPokemon Diamond romPokemon Gold romPokeMon Pinball romPokeMon Puzzle Challenge romPokeMon Silver romPokeMon Trading Card Game romPokeMon Yellow romPokeMonTrading Card GB 2 Team Great Rocket Visit! rom Game Boy Advance (GBA) Pokemon romsPokemon Fire Red romPokemon Leaf Green romPokemon Emerald romPokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team romPokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire romPokemon Ruby romPokemon Sapphire romNintendo 64 (n64) Pokemon romsPokemon Puzzle League romPokemon Snap romPokemon Snap Station romPokemon Stadium Kiosk romPokemon Stadium romPokemon Stadium 2 romHey You, Pikachu! romNintendo DS (nds) Pokemon romsPokemon Diamond romPokemon Pearl rom

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