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Mr. PinkAdidas (I kid you not) was giving my Pearl Blue the laser eyes today on the D train.

Ian Wood

Mmm...tiny fun device.

What's in your GameBoy? I've been wandering around Golden Sun: The Lost Age since early January.

Rob Drimmie

Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance has had a cozy home for months, probably Octoberish? I don't play nearly as much as I should.


I've had Golden Sun: The Lost Age since last year, it's a fantastic game and I highly recommend it to everyone, but I tend to play it in five hour spurts every few months, which is why I've never finished it (I'm like this for Zelda: The Wind Waker on the Gamecube also).

Right now I am playing Wario Ware and I love it to pieces. It's the best game ever for anyone who spends a regular length of time on public transportation.


I have probably logged 200 hours on Advance Wars 2 since last summer and still can't stop playing it.


this site suckes becos you sucs!!!


0justarandomguy0 / hey kwing i was just wondering a lot of your fans would love to see you do a twlghiit princess review and you want to do it as a official kwing review as number 150 0r 250 or something but that means it would be far away.. anyways what if you were forced to quite or something would you at least do that for your last video or would it be a different review? i am jw

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