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Attempts have been made by several noted ass pitears to successfully modify the GameCube controller for insertion into the human rectum. Though preliminary results have been promising, Nintendo still does not officially endorse the lodging of its controller in your rectum.


That would definitely be nice. I retnlcey stumbled upon my N64 emu, and started playing Super Mario 64. I honestly had more fun getting all 120 stars in that, than bothering with some of the newer ones...although I did play the hell out of Luigi's Mansion. That was fun and challenging.It's a lot like the sonic games, too. The gameplay is changing to fit the "in" crowd. Shadow? With a gun? What the hell?


Mario has definitely been wretaed down by the over whoring. The main Mario games I even care bout anymore are from the main franchise.I'm even kinda tired of Mario Kart. I think I'd rather just stick with the earlier versions of MK. They're still the best IMO. MK on the Snes, and MK 64.


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I love this! So many questions how did you find the teiahcng experience there?? I have considered teiahcng abroad but have heard mixed stuff. Mainly, it can be in not so great areas where you really apart from society and reality and you still work a lot of hours. Also, that the money isn't that good? I have enormous student loan debt and pay a lot of bills each month so I'd need something realistic.Do you and your boy' plan to stay/live in Spain?!


Hi! I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and have been fowinllog ever since. Being from Spain and having experienced life in Indiana I was an exchange student there during my junior year in high school, what are the odds?! it's really cool to read the other side of the story, and specially seeing how you've come to appreciate a lot of the good things that Spain has to offer. Good luck with Mario's attempts to move to the US with you, and keep it up!


nintendo ds games the files not in nds?Hii have downloaded ndtnenio DS games from ds.rom-news.org from DL3 _ USA some of the files i opend at the end of them does not say nds but there are 8 or 6 files they almost even in size like thisxpa-tw08.r01 then just quntinue r02 r03 ..then xpa-tw08.rarNow will this be ok to put it on r4 card for the nds?if not how can i change it to be like the other files .nds?by the way i've downloaded all of them from ds.rom-news.org LD3_ USA.thank you everybodyi have ndtnenio ds lite


Nintendo 3DS pricing?I'm still iffy about buinyg a 3DS when it comes out due to being 16, getting older, and etc. One thing that keeps bugging me is the price. Nintendo didn't even say when this thing is coming out. I saw that some sites are saying the 3DS could cost anywhere from $249-$299 which is really expensive, and the same price as a Wii (if it's $299, then it's even higher) when it launched in November of 2006. If the price is $199 I'll consider it. But if this is going to cost me $249 plus however much a game costs, I might have to pass on buinyg one. My gut feeling is the games will bump up to either $40 or $50 because of the new features they come with.Any official news on this yet? I wish Nintendo would open up more about it.


Looking for Nintendo DS rom downloads?I have found a few sites, but none of them privode games like Dragon's Lair, Sonic Colors, or Super Scribblenauts without an error code. It appears on my DS card, but when I try to open them, it says it's unable to, with error=-4 and tells me to reset the system. I really want to try the games before buying them, so what sites would you recommend, or where can I get them?And they have to be nds files.I'm looking for: Sonic Colors, Dragon's Lair, Super Scribblenauts, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games, Sonic and Sega Racing, and Rhythm Heaven


Can someone paelse help me with rom version of Pokemon SoulSilver for the R4 card for Nintendo DS?Okay, so I have an R4 card for my Nintendo DS Lite, and I downloaded Pokemon SoulSilver to my computer, and it's currently an .rar file but I don't know how to change it to a .nds file and a .sav file. I'm not very good on computers so can someone paelse help me?P.S Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I'm new to this site.


as much as i'd like to help, Nintendo have come down hard on gaming pcairy, trying to close down all game download websites regarding DS . They have also banned shipping of R4 cards to australia asking the customs officials to seize and destroy them.I have downloaded a few games recently, but none of them work properly and i cant get far either


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