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Mario Kart is a must have! The Tony Hawk (4 and Underground) games are fun too... Both of those have tons of replay value.

Wiley Wiggins

Mario Kart is a definite buy, but after working for the company that does the mac port of Tony Hawk, I'm pretty sick of skating games...

Derek Rose

Pikmin is a blast, as are both of the Super Monkey Ball games (best party games ever!). Zelda is probably my favorite game ever... I've really been wanting to try Ikaruga, it's supposed to be the king of all top-down arcade shooters. But also one of the hardest games ever. Eternal Darkness is a must have. I'd rent it though, I beat it in a weekend. But it has a great story and fun gameplay. My wife actually sat next to me and watched me play all the way through the game because of the story, and she HATES video games! I actually enjoyed Mario Sunshine, though other people disagree... I thought all the rogue squadron games were totally boring... Luigi's mansion is a fun rent... I beat that in a weekend also. I wasn't overjoyed with Metroid Prime, but I can't stand first person games on consoles so I'm a bit biased on that one. If I had a keyboard and mouse it would be a blast...


Party is only fun with other humans. It's a very boring animated movie with fewer than four people.

Beach Spikers is great if you have people to play against. PacMan Vs. is the best Cube-Boy link I've seen yet.

But all I really care about is Kart.


Beyond Good and Evil is an absolute must-have!

Also, if you like The Simpsons (you are a living, breathing human being, aren't you?), The Simpsons: Hit & Run is a very fun game. (NOT Road Rage!)


Animal Crossing. It's so pointless, yet so incredibly addictive.

Rob Drimmie

Wiley, what sort of games do you like? Do you play solo or in groups of people most of the time? The problem with recommending games is that there are so many quality titles that are only good, or perhaps only great, with groups of people. Us loners have to dig a little bit deeper, but not too much.

My must-haves for loner play:

Zelda, natch. Also has good gameboy connectivity.

Mario Sunshine. Its biggest fault is that it's possibly too much like Mario 64, but it's a great game anyway.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Just brilliant.

Metroid Prime. Probably the most loved yet most unfinished game for the console. It's huge and beautiful and fun, but almost everyone I know (including myself) just hasn't gotten around to finishing it. I still love it though, for some reason.

Super Monkey Ball II. Great puzzle game, but also a good first one to get for party gaming, as the minigames are great. Get to the point where you can unlock a multiplayer and save the game without actually selecting one, and you can access any game with a quick reboot.

Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion are both very small/quick games that are excellent. Both evolved from tech demos so they're gorgeous and fun and explore the system in ways other titles don't. They're small (Pikmin less so) but any additional content in either would just bore the player. They should be available dirt cheap.

Any of the Ubi titles (BG&E, Prince of Persia, XIII, countless more) are going to be quality, but since they're crossplatform you may have already played them. Splinter Cell has decent GBA connectivity.

The problem with GBA connectivity is that it's most often used in conjunction with multiplayer games or pokemon (may not be a problem if you like collecting).


Ikaruga is a must have, if only for the simple reason that everyone needs to be humbled. Especially after the easy fluff of Zelda:WW

Also, F-Zero GX. Although that's not as hard as everyone seems to complain about.


I would recommend against buying F-Zero GX. It feels very cold and bland and is definitely a renter. I would have to sadly say the same about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles :-(

Wiley Wiggins

One of the reasons for switching to the Cube is that I'm looking for good two player (or more) games that I can play with my wife, and that are easy to learn and have good replay value for that purpose... I'd also like to find some really engrossing solo games for myself as well, hopefully with some awesome Japanese character design and art.

Wiley Wiggins

No first person shooters. I can't play those without a keyboard and mouse.


I'm so disappointed by the lack of good two-player games on the PS2. The Simpson's Hit and Run is one of our faves. I really hate games that slap on some lame two-player challenges just to call it two-player. When are they gonna get it - it's more fun to outwit/out-drive/out-shoot the person next to you than a vid-bot?

I love Mario Party with 4 people, or better yet, Karaoke Revolution with 8 people on PS2!

Rob Drimmie

My fiance and I picked up WarioWare last night, it's pretty solid (though from what I hear the microgames are close, if not identical, to the GBA games).

One of the best feeatures about it though is a player history, which I think more party games need to have. Having player stats for Double-Dash would be great, for instance.

There does seem to be a lack of games that are great for two players. One player, no problem. Four (or more!) players, no problem. But for solid two-player games there isn't much. Super Monkey Ball 2's minigames are good with two players, and Mario Golf and such if that's your thing, but my fiance and I seem to be in the same boat as Wiley.

Wiley Wiggins

I'd actually be fine with a good tetris clone actually, since that's my wife's fav. game.


Games I haven't heard mentioned yet: SSX3 (though available on a slew of platforms) is a good catch for the GC. So is Soul Calibur 2. If you've never played any of the GC Rogue Squadron games, RSIII is fun. I love the Harvest Moon series as well. The Zelda Classic pack for the GC is a must-have for me.

I'd also agree with the above posters on: Zelda, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Metroid Prime, Final Fantasy:CC and Mario Golf.


Addendum on Gameboy connectivity: Animal Crossing is a good choice for this category as is Splinter Cell (the GB connectivity is a nice touch lacking from the XBox version).

You can check the Nintendo Master Game List and sort by GB connectivity for more options.


Addendum to the addendum: My wife and I played through Zelda: WW together. I did all the Link stuff and she did recon using the GB and the Tingle tuner. We both loved it and I can't recommend it enough.


Recently I've been playing the game boy on the subway, and the gamecube only in social situations. But here's my rundown of the games we have:

  • Mario Party 5: Only good with 4 people, and always fun but also has unavoidably boring stretches. The winner ends up being more or less random every time.
  • Zelda (Wind Waker): Greatest. Game. Ever.
  • Viewtiful Joe: I bought this used, but have never even booted it up. I've heard great things though (especially from Drimmie!)
  • Animal Crossing: Cute for 10 minutes, and then interminably boring. This was the first game we bought, and it's the biggest disappointment.
  • Metroid Prime: Fun and beautiful. It feels like a natual successor to Quake, Doom, et al. It's a little too hard for me.
  • Lord of the Rings: Nice integration of scense from the movie, and when you beat a level you unlock 'secret' interviews with the cast, which mostly consist of them talking trash about each other. it's a little bit like Dragon's Lair, there's a lot of action and it's all about timing and sequencing. I never finished this. Decent but not great multiplayer (for 2, not 4).
  • Zelda 4 pack: Great, but I tend to play the 2 older Zelda's on my game boy. My favorite is "Link's Awakening," which is NOT included. Link's Awakening is the game that made me realize video game playing could be a creative act, btw. The Nintendo 64 Zeldas are fun, of course. I'm not sure if this is still available.
  • Pac-Man vs: i love this (review), but it feels a little proof-of-concept. I want there to be more - designing our own levels, two gamecubes, 6 ghosts, 2 pac-mans, pac-man vs. Mario, etc.
  • Pokémon Colisseum: A necessary chore for pokémaniacs.
  • Mario Kart: #1 Must own, moreso than Zelda. Best party game by far. Adriana and I play this every other week, and we play it with 8 people on most Sundays, and it's always fun. You can always improve. It's a perfect example of games that can be competitive or non-competitive, and it's fun for beginners and experts.

Also, I've played Soul Caliber and I agree it's a lot of fun as fighting games go. Getting to kick ass with Link is an odd thrill.

Happy Saturday :)


andrew, i love how you and your wife played zelda: ww together. that kind of collaboration works well for the side quests. david, let's give it a try?

wiley, does your wife have (or will she have) her own sp? i'm playing final fantasy tactics for GBA, and i absolutely love it.

i have to admit that david and i almost never play on the cube together, unless it's double dash (which i'm only slightly crazy about and then only if i'm winning, which is never). but i do enjoy collaborating on gba games.

mario party is not that bad. i enjoy all the mini games like night light fright. but you need a super-raucous group to make it work. that's why we have nintendo sunday!

Wiley Wiggins

We've got a regular gba (with an afterburner) and I'm thinking of getting myself an SP so she can have the gba for Tetris. I don't know if she would be into a strategy game at all... I was addicted to Advance Wars for a while and she ribbed me a few times for it.

rob drimmie

dj asked me to repost the contents of the link that follows, but I've said much of it in earlier posts and it's a lot of text, so I'll just link. It's somewhat out of date, being from early December, but it was originally in response to dj asking about game cube recommendations, so here it is again:


rob drimmie

Oh, and with the Zelda/GBA, my fiance are playing through (we've already beaten it once) in the same manner (me as link her as tingle) and it's added a lot to the replay value of the game, and to the level of her entertainment from it.


my favorites include animal crossing (cause i like to collect things and decorate), ssx tricky (i like it better than ssx3), pikmin, mario kart, splinter cell (but they have that for ps2); i didn't like metroid prime but i'm a girl.

david, i didn't think viewtiful joe was all it was cracked up to be. it's just an ok-fun type game and some of the effects are kinda neat (which get old and kind of annoying fast), but yeah, it was only alright.


Any Zelda titles, plus Wallace and Gromit: Project Zoo. It's cute, addictive, and actually very challenging, even if it is aimed at six year olds. It's also very true to the Wallace and Gromit claymation style. Whoo!

Personally, Animal Crossing drives me crazy. It's definitely intriguing, but fails to hold my attention - I can only hold repetitive conversations with tiny puppies and cats for so long.


Link's Awakening is the game that made me realize video game playing could be a creative act, btw.

I would love to know what this means. (I don't know anything about Link's Awakening.)


Mario Kart Double Dash is a must have for any gammer. If you like Resident Evil, get RE 0 and RE 1. They did an extreamly good job at making the 1st Resident Evil. Also check out RE 4 when it hits stores. Of course Zelda is another classic to play. A new Zelda is set to come out in 2005 so check it out on nintendo.com. Metroid Prime is fun. Very good graphics and sound. I'm a Final Fantasy nut and I tried the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals and was impressed. The muliplayer is fun but everyone needs to have gameboys.
I've got the gameboy player add on for the game cube and I'm enjoying it. Alot of the games comming out for the gameboy advance sp are good classics fron SNES and now NES. If your into mega man. There is the Mega Man aniversary edition. It has all the original maga mans on it.
Well that's my advise to you.


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