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Wow - only after posting this did I realize that the colors I picked out for hello nintendo were also the colors of the classic Donkey Kong Game & Watch.

Game Informer has an interview with a Nintendo of America spokespersonwhich reveals a little more, including confirmation that the screens "will be in the vertical position", not "side-to-side." The piece also features the spokesperson stopping short of a denial about GameBoy/GameBoy Advance backwards compatibility ("We haven’t announced anything about that, yet.")

More at Slashdot: http://games.slashdot.org/games/04/01/22/0318227.shtml?tid=127&tid=186&tid=207

Rob Drimmie

Nintendophiles (http://www.n-philes.com) has an interesting speculative article on the DS portable being 3D: http://www.n-philes.com/php/epzuafzuypezupukaupf.php


that looks retarted! the psp is way better!!!

Rob Drimmie

Oh the scathingly debilitating reality! It looks 'retarted' (which must be extra bad when spelled with two t's!) how can we ever console ourselves?

Obviously your erudite commentary on the PSP's way betterness completely invalidates any technical merit the DS might have! It's discourse like this that makes the internet the best thing EVAR!

Benchod Bosrino

Animal crossing wild world on Nintendo ds. Is there a game like it on the psp or are all psp games driving a fps shooters. I need a break from fps shooters, kinda made me bored of PCs and XBOxs


@AviatorZER0 That was just an example COD, GTA, and a whole lot of other venliot gore games i didn't mention. I never said i defended the video game corporations just because i play video games doesn't mean I support them? It all comes to family values in this case they shouldn't have bought him the game in the first place! That's why at gamestop if you are underage they make sure you have your parents there to purchase the game and tell you the graphical contents of such game.


Are the Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality cards a bit redundant?Think about it. They are just reaulgr cards with images on them. I have heard you can reproduce the image via a phone and they would still work. Won't this catch on, and become non-profitable? They really should have thought of lamenting the cards at least. It's cheap of Nintendo.


Do they call it addiction when all a kid wants to do is go ouitdse and play ball every day? No, they call it dedication. Even if someone did get addicted, it's not the video games fault! People don't shut down casinos! I would rather have someone with an addictive personality getting addicted to video games, than to METH. And what is up with this guy saying Most parents have no idea how gory the games are' blahblahblah. BE A BETTER PARENT. RATINGS ON THE BOX. M for MATURE for Blood, Gore, etc.


Nope, completely dfinereft calculator. Though, a bigwig already made a GameBoy emulator for TI-89 called gb68k. Give that a quick google search and you should find it

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