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I only want to know were and what money I had to pay for this? thank you


that nintendo bs was very funny i wish that i had one of those they look better than my psp you put them to shame u wouldnt happen to sell it would u but if u do sell it with a game


my friend calvin said u should make a new type of version for the game cube


stevie loves the picture she said she doesnt belive it


as stupid as that looks at first, It actually makes sense. It could be great for some games and would really bring them out. If they actually came out with somthing like that, I would get it.


These might be really stupid, but it might be better then the PSP that I've got. So if it would come out, I would buy it!

michael coleman

this console is fake you can tell it is concept art ne way how would you fold it and it aint really portable

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This multi screen gadget is perfect than one because we can see everything since different perspectives, actually we can get the perfect angle of the subject.m10m


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Good job!Hunting like it was meant to be.Age..no problem. Just like the old days. Once you are able, you are out there. Especailly with that type of weaopn from a safety standpoint, you don't have to worry about a bad shot hitting someone or something.The weaopn...disgusting?! Really!?! Better than a high powered rifle w/ scope at 200 yards. Talk about challenging and evening the odds, you can't get any better than this.Posted by: Daniel

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