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Love the DDD. You seriously need some WaveBird controllers though!


Oh man am I jealous. There is nothing like having 4-8 people sitting around one console playing games together. It's been a while for me. Sigh.


So who won?


It was a social gaming experience, Greg. We all won. :)

And just to get the obvious joke out of the way before Anil does, when you combine Double Double Dash with Anil Dash, you do in fact get Double Double Dash Dash. I can't wait until we get two more GameCubes and his parents are in town.


I think there's a secret Morse Code message in that last comment.


I might have been inclined to laugh at the idea unless I had done this myself as soon as I ran out and bought Double Dash.

Thank God I'm not the only one.


hey i wanna play double dash 8 player but what cross over cable do i need and where can i get it ????plez help!!!

Rob Drimmie

Anthony, first you need two gamecubes, two copies of MKDD, and two ethernet adapters for the GCNs.

The crossover cable you need is a standard Cat5 Ethernet Crossover Cable.

You can pick them up at any major electronics retailer for under $10, or at any small independant computer shop for somewhere around $5, or from you friendly network administrator (if you know one) with a great big box of cat5 cable and a crimper for about $0.20.


thank you sooooo much ur the best u rock ... when i get everything and play i will tell u how it is
thanx again

Mario Games

What a nice bunch of controllers, it's nice to have a bunch of friends playing games together.

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