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I read this ages ago and kept waiting for someone to post it to Hello, Nintendo only no one ever did! So I finally broke down and here it is, complete with a nonsensical title -- you only have yourselves to blame for not posting it first!


Video games also make you a better shot - I'd heard a long time ago that kids who play video games can pick up a gun for the first time ever and have excellent aim. Just looked this up to see if it was true and found that the military is now using games for training soldiers.


video games do not make you a better shot. If a person picks up a gun and has awesome shot it is because of their own personal skill. I have played video games since i was a child and now at the age of 18 i could not shot anyone with a gun. I couldn't even hit a clay pigeon with a shotgun. So the idea is false

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how do i collect stars againist racing time on ms.pacman

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love pacman.. such a classic and always will be..

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I so believe this article. playing video games increases your corridination...

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Lady Gaga Is A Man

love pacman and lady gaga. check out this post about her. Lady gaga is a man. do you believe it?

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Everybody think that video games. They have only negative implication on our lives and this article prove them wrong.


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