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David Jacobs

"If y'all can't cook, this doesn't concern you."
— Kevin Garnett

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You've reached the personal blog of David Jacobs. I live in New York City, and I'm eating two hamburgers a week on doctor's orders. When you're done with the front page, you can read the archives. You can keep up with me elsewhere on my reblog, my vox blog, randomWalks or flickr, and last but not least, my Typepad profile.


  • "Always literal... can make me [a] spreadsheet as fast as he can favorite a tweet." — Carey Jones, editor of Serious Eats.

  • "Fine, i'll subscribe! But this is going to increase my number of RSS subs by like 10%." — Jake Dobkin, publisher of

  • "... some of the best reblogging I've ever seen" – Michael Frumin, Master of Science and Transportation

  • "'s patron saint" – Jason Kottke, friend and great blogger.

  • "How does David maintain such a celebrity-esque allure?" – Byrne Reese, friend and developer.

  • "My son's blog is a little political and techie, but it is rather stunning in its construction." – Erica Jacobs, Mother.

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